Got questions? I have answers!

Where can I find your pricing?

Head on over to my contact form or my "BOOK ME" page & let's start planning! Everybody's session is different and I want to give you the best and most accommodating options!! Once contacted & you have filled out my form regarding your desired session; you will receive all pricing info!!

What type of sessions do you offer?

to put it simply, Any and all!! There isn't a session that I am ever "prone" or against to photographing!! I want your photo session to be unique to YOU!! Fill out my contact form regarding what type of session you want & let's chat!

Do you send the "Raw" photos?

Nope! Here's why; when paying for your photos, you are paying for the photographers work (my work) this includes; taking the photos, planning your shoot, scouting locations, editing softwares, etc! It would be as if a painter gave you the sketch and had you paint it!!

Whats your gallery turnaround time?

Again, every session is different!! But if I were to put it in a range, it can vary from 4 weeks-6 weeks! BUT in my packages I have an option as an "add on" to rush your photos!! More info can be given once contacted!